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For consumers looking to get comprehensive mobile phone insurance for their favourite device, the choices are staggering. Not only are there dedicated mobile phone insurance companies available to offer expert cover, such as MPID, you can even get decent cover from your network provider and your bank – to name just a few! But with so many options available, it can sometimes be overwhelming, and difficult to judge who is offering you the right cover for the best price.

To make things a little easier, we’ll show you all the ways you can get mobile phone insurance from Aviva, and how it compares to MPID’s offering.


What Aviva Offers

Like most large insurance companies, Aviva does not offer a mobile phone insurance as a one-off product. Instead, it is incorporated into other insurance policies. This means that, while it is possible to get phone insurance from Aviva, you will have to purchase a package that you may not particularly need.

The easiest way to get cover for your favourite device is to invest in some level of home and contents insurance. Under this type of policy, which protects the value of items within your home from theft or damage, your smartphone will be automatically protected. This means that if your home is broken into, or you suffer unexpected damage, you’ll be able to claim for the cost of your mobile.

However, one of the main downsides is that home insurance tends to be more expensive than dedicated mobile phone insurance, due to the overall value of items that are protected. Furthermore, this basic policy only covers your device against these specific scenarios. If you want to get extra protection– against, say, accidental damage – you’ll need to get Extra Accidental Damage cover on top of the policy, which in turn will cost more money each month.

Another clear downside of mobile phone insurance from Aviva is that you’re not covered when you leave the house, unless you pay for the additional Personal Belongings cover. As the name suggests, this extents your home insurance policy to include personal items that you frequently take out of the home, such as your mobile, laptop, cameras, and jewellery, initially up to the value of £2,000. While this does allow you to enjoy the freedom of more specific mobile phone insurance policies, your monthly insurance premiums will go up, meaning that you end up paying a lot more money than you need to for protected.


Insuring Your Mobile with MPID

You can make great savings by insuring your smartphone device with Mobile Phone Insurance Direct.

If you want to get comprehensive cover for your smartphone device, you need a trusted and experienced insurer. At MPID, we want to make insurance personal; that’s why we allow you to teak your policy and choose a payment level that suits your needs. Our three levels of cover – ranging from Essential, Plus, and Premium – let you find the perfect balance of protection and price.

When you take out a policy with us, your device will be protected against accidental damage, loss, screen damage, and much more. You’ll even be covered whilst you’re out of the country! If you suffer damage, we’ll endeavour to repair your device as quickly as possible and throw in a 12-month warranty and 14-day money back guarantee on the repairs. In cases where the phone cannot be repaired, we’ll get you a like-new replacement – at MPID, we don’t believe cash pay-outs are adequate replacements for your personal smartphone.

30 Years Experience in the Mobile Phone Insurance Market

By choosing to insure your mobile with MPID, you’ll benefit from over 30 years of experience across our dedicated, expert team. If you want to someone who cares about your phone as much as you do, look no further.

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