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We have supplied the mobile phone industry with our mobile phone insurance polices for over 13 years, but we are now offering our great policies direct, at lower prices.

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I am very impressed with the speed and efficency of your service, and particularly with the helpefulness shown by the claims advisor.

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  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • No minimum contract
  • 12-month warranty on repairs
  • In-house repairs
  • No limit on claims
  • 12-month warranty on replacements

Making claims clearer

Mobile phone insurance direct is committed to making claims clearer. We paid over 99% of customers' insurance claims in the last year*.

We all try to protect our mobile phones, but what happens if your beloved device gets stolen, damaged or lost? Our end-to-end service means that we’ll never pass your claim onto another company, and you can track the progress with our friendly in-house team.

Supplying UK Mobile Network providers and high street retailers for many years, we’ve now cut out the middle man to pass the savings directly to you.

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Why choose us?


Mobile Phone Insurance Direct is proud to offer specialist phone insurance direct to the consumer, saving you time and money.

95.45% of claims accepted
Unlimited claims
We never outsource your claims
Over 900,000 phones insured

How do I get insured?

All it takes is three easy steps! Simply select your mobile device from the drop down list, choose your desired policy and fill in your details to complete the process.

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Are you covered?

No matter how careful we are with our phones, they have a tendency to come into misfortune sooner or later. Whether we smash the phone screen, drop it in water, or leave it on the train, it’s always an unwelcome surprise. These are just some of the most common claims regarding mobile phone insurance.


When you lose your phone, most mobile phone insurance providers will replace it, but you are often required to pay a higher amount per month for a more comprehensive level of cover. Furthermore, your replacement device may be a different colour or even a different model. We’ll send a replacement device out to you as soon as possible, meaning you won’t have to spend weeks without a phone.


Dealing with some mobile phone insurance providers when your phone has been stolen can be a difficult and lengthy process. MPID aims to alleviate this stress – once we have all the required documentation (such as proof that your phone was stolen) our UK-based team will usually handle all claims within 24 hours.


Accidental damage

Dropping your phone can be an all too common occurrence, and it’s a pain when you don’t have the appropriate cover! If you’re insured through your home or bank insurance, some providers may have a limit on the number of claims you can make. With MPID there is no limit, so however many times you drop your phone, we’ve got your back.

Mechanical breakdown

Phones can be unpredictable pieces of technology; there’s nothing worse than when your phone suddenly decides to freeze or stop working, and you’re left without a functioning handset. We know how disappointing that can be, which is why we offer 12-month warranty on repairs. What’s more, all repairs are carried out by our dedicated in-house team, so you’ll never be passed on to a third party.

About us

At Mobile Phone Insurance Direct, we are committed to providing the best protection for your beloved device, at an affordable price. No matter what your make or model, our comprehensive policies can cover your phone if it gets stolen, damaged or lost.

Let’s get straight to the point – we offer multiple packages, with theft and loss as optional extras. Unlike other mobile phone insurers in the market, we don’t think it’s necessary to overload you with tons of jargon or additional costs.

We have supplied mobile phone insurance to high-street retailers for many years, but now we’ve cut out the middle-man and pass the savings direct to you. You can save up to 25% by taking out a policy with us – you won’t find deals like this anywhere else.

From taking out a policy to making a claim, the entire process is handled by our friendly and professional teams, who are all based within the UK. With over 13 years’ experience in the insurance industry, you can count on us to handle your claim quickly and efficiently.

We know how much people love their mobile phones, and how frustrating it can be when we find ourselves without them. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now and insure your mobile phone today.

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