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What is Camera Insurance?

Camera insurance is a lifeline for photographers who understand the value of their gear and the inherent risks it faces in the pursuit of capturing captivating images. In this ever-changing world, where adventures unfold and moments pass in the blink of an eye, camera insurance stands as a steadfast guardian, shielding photographers from the unexpected. It offers comprehensive coverage, protecting against accidental damage, theft, and loss, ensuring that photographers can continue their creative journeys without fear of financial setbacks. With camera insurance, photographers can focus on what they do best – telling stories through their lens – knowing that their cherished equipment is safeguarded. This essential protection empowers photographers to explore diverse landscapes, chase fleeting light, and seize extraordinary moments, all with the confidence that their gear is backed by a reliable safety net.

Why choose our Camera Insurance?

Why choose Mobile Phone Insurance Direct? When choosing Camera insurance, it can be a hassle trying to decide which insurance is right for you. As the market expands, there are a huge range of policies to choose from – all with varying levels of cover With unlimited claims and 12-month warranty on repairs we are the clear choice for Camera insurance. We offer a UK-Based call centre and 12 month repair warranty, what more could you ask for?

Expert Repair

Our UK based service centre can expertly repair your device and Gadgets

12-month warranty on repairs

We offer up to 12 months on our repair and replacement Phone or Gadget

NO minimum contract

With our cover there is no contract length of time.

Covered if used by loved ones

You can cover up to 10 gadgets, including your family’s beloved items.

30 Years Experience in the Mobile Phone Insurance Market

Canon EOS 80D

GoPro Hero 10

Sony A6000

30 Years Experience in the Mobile Phone Insurance Market

By choosing to insure your iphone with MPID, you’ll benefit from over 30 years of experience across our dedicated, expert team. If you want to insure with a company who cares about your phone as much as you do, look no further, get your quote today.

We never outsource your claims

Friendly UK-based customer service team

Over 1 million devices insured

What Does Our Camera Insurance Cover?

We offer multiple insurance products for cameras, here is a breakdown of some of the terms we include in our products.

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