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    Upgraded your phone?

    Please email the following information along with any questions by email, or phone 01702 568070 during office hours (9:00am – 5:30pm):

    • MPID Make & Model (including GB memory size)
    • MPID Place and Date of Purchase
    • MPID IMEI Number
    • MPID Mobile Number

    Once you’ve told us what update you’d like to make, one of our Customer Care Team will be in contact to make the changes.

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    Are you covered?

    No matter how careful we are with our phones, they have a tendency to come into misfortune sooner or later. Whether we smash the phone screen, drop it in water, or leave it on the train, it’s always an unwelcome surprise. These are just some of the most common claims regarding phone insurance.

    When you lose your phone, most providers will replace it, but you are often required to pay a higher amount per month for a more comprehensive level of cover. Furthermore, your replacement device may be a different colour or even a different model. We’ll send a replacement device out to you as soon as possible, meaning you won’t have to spend weeks without a phone

    Dealing with some providers when your phone has been stolen can be a difficult and lengthy process. MPID aims to alleviate this stress – once we have all the required documentation (such as proof that your phone was stolen) our UK-based team will usually handle all claims within 24 hours.

    Dropping your phone can be an all too common occurrence, and it’s a pain when you don’t have the appropriate cover! If you’re insured through your home or bank insurance, some providers may have a limit on the number of claims you can make. With MPID there is no limit, so however many times you drop your phone, we’ve got your back.

    Phones can be unpredictable pieces of technology; there’s nothing worse than when your phone suddenly decides to freeze or stop working, and you’re left without a functioning handset. We know how disappointing that can be, which is why we offer 12-month warranty on repairs. What’s more, all repairs are carried out by our dedicated in-house team, so you’ll never be passed on to a third party.