Apple Watch Series 8 Review

About the Apple Watch Series 8


Apple Watch Series 8 has nothing more than the features provided by Apple Watch 7, but it has exciting new features such as ovulation detection and car accident detection. These new health and safety features add to the new colour and new bands. The new temperature sensors accounted for most of Apple’s time discussing new wearables focused on women’s health applications. Skin temperature tracking can be relevant health data for everyone, but it is precious for women who track ovulation cycles. The company will soon launch Series 8, the Pro version of Series 8, and the new Apple Watch SE.



Apple Watch 8 has not changed much in terms of design. Compared to the Apple Watch 7, the new colours are the most notable.


If you need a refresher on what came last year: 41 mm / 45 mm, The chassis brought a slightly larger screen, which can show off more information; pushed with a larger screen, it’s the shape we see in the watch 8.


It is available in two finishes: stainless steel and aluminium. Four colours are available for aluminium: Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Product Red, and three shades for stainless steel: Silver, Gold, and Graphite Metallic.



All of this is normal, and the only changes coming are those that are entirely under the hood. The OLED screen is clear and bright and can be easily rotated with the belly of the fingers. The Watch 8 has a digital crown on the right, a diamond-shaped app/power button, and a crystal-covered heart rate monitor on the back.



Apple still offers options for 45mm and 41mm. Both are always-on Retina shows with hard Ion-X glass for aluminium models and sapphire glass for stainless steel models. The display curves slightly and advances to the border. The glass at the centre of the screen is reinforced somewhat thicker and more resistant to scattering.

It is equipped with “low power mode”, which pivots off the display, which is always on and makes the battery last longer.



Apple positions Apple Watch as essential health equipment. By wearing Apple Watch, we regularly present testimonials of people who have encountered significant health events and have saved their lives.

Apple Watch employs a set of detectors and algorithms to manage health data and inform users of health trends. Although it is not a medical machine, it can drive users aware that they are experiencing health problems.


Body temperature

One of the most considerable edges of the Apple Watch Series 8 is temperature sensing. Dual temperature detectors, one on the back of the watch that touches the wrist and one directly below the screen, are used to measure temperature fluctuations while the user sleeps.

But remember, these temperature sensors don’t work like thermometers. It does not indicate body temperature or symptoms of fever. The main focus is to use changes in body temperature during sleep to predict more accurate physiologic cycles and conduct related analyses.



Crash detection

Apple Watch Series 8 provides crash detection. The accelerometer is used to detect whether there is an impact. When we detect a serious traffic accident, we will provide location information to emergency services and notify the person who is important as an emergency contact.


Low-power mode

Some features, such as continuous viewing and automatic workout detection, turn off when the battery is low, reducing battery consumption. Low-power mode doubles battery life from 18 hours to 36 hours and is available for all Apple Watch with watchOS 9.



Heart rate is a significant health function that links to all healthiness and fitness needles. The infrared sensor on the rear of the Apple Watch periodically calculates heart rate and records the results in the application.

Alternatively, the Digital Crown and heart rate sensor can be used to manually obtain an electrocardiogram by creating electrical circuits around the body. This measurement can help doctors determine whether a doctor should see an abnormal heart rhythm.

The sensor stack also contains a blood oxygen sensor. The LED and photodiode record the oxygen concentration and issued a warning if the altitude becomes too low. This data can help doctors diagnose lung problems and disorders.



Your workout tracking hasn’t changed, and the new sensor doesn’t seem to affect how you track it. With the watchOS 9 updates, you can customize your workout, which is available on all models of the latest Apple Watch. Apple Watch automatically starts tracking when it detects workout progress. Users are notified that they have detected that a workout has started and are suggested to turn on Workout mode.

Apple Fitness+ no longer requires Apple Watch. Users with Apple Watch can enjoy benefits such as displaying heart rate and other measurements.


Processor, Network, Charging

The S8 SiP uses the same core CPU as the earlier Apple Watch processors. But that’s why a new SiP was needed to control the new movement tracking and crash detection sensors.


Apple Watch Series 8Apple Watch Series 7
Display size41mm: 1.53 inches

45mm: 1.78 inches

41mm: 1.53 inches

45mm: 1.78 inches

Body size41mm




Blood oxygen sensorYesYes
Battery life 18 hours (36 hours in LP mode) 18 hours (36 hours in LP mode with WatchOS 9)


The  Series 8 will cost from $399/419 for GPS models to $499/529 for cellular models. Prices will grow trusting on whether you pick the selected case material (aluminium or stainless steel), the selected strap, or the 41mm or 45mm model. 45mm is $30 higher.


Model not listed?


At first glance, it is not much different from Series 7, but there is no doubt that the screen has become larger. There is a new temperature sensor inside, but Cupertino couldn’t see it. The sensor helps detect ovulation retrospectively. It is also equipped with the latest S8 chip, which makes it possible to swipe through the menu. Its new features a gyroscope and accelerometer to help you detect when you have a traffic accident and call emergency services.

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