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Google Pixel 6 Pro Review

About the Google Pixel 6 Pro


If you are in search of a Google phone, then the Google Pixel 6 pro has the potential to be the best Android phone available. You will be getting a 6.7-inch display, 12GB RAM, 10 to 120 refresh rate, and 512 GB storage for only around $899. You will love to see that the camera is also quite high quality, and is 11 MP. The video quality that you will receive will be very clear. You will be getting 4K 60 FPS. Moreover, the battery life is also 7 hours and 49 minutes. From these features, you can easily estimate that it is better than millions of other phones that are quite costly and expensive.  


While discussing the specialties of this phone, it is also important not that the fingerprint sensor is a bit less functional as compared to other similar phones. Basically, it seems a bit temperamental at times. However, if you are not habitual of using fingerprints or prefer any other solution like a face lock or pattern then you will not need to worry about this option.  

Google Pixel 6 Pro: Pros and Cons


  • circle
    Glass Body
  • circle
    High-Quality Camera
  • circle
    Highly Advanced Hardware and Software
  • circle
  • circle
    Attractive UI


  • circle
    No charger included
  • circle
    Slow Charing Time
  • circle
    Standard Brightness Screen
  • circle
    Micro SD card is not Supported
  • circle
    Weighs a Lot

So now if you are personal about purchasing this phone you should remember that the price structure may vary depending on the 5G capabilities. Moreover, deals also keep on varying on websites like Amazon. When you are willing to pay the additional price, you will also be able to access additional offers like Pixel Pass for an enhanced camera and better phone performance.


The pricing structure of this pixel pass is $45 per month. Basically, it is a comprehensive program that gives your phone protection and access to other premium features like YouTube premium and Google One Cloud subscription up to 200 GB.  


Before purchasing a new phone, everyone is excited to know about the design. It is something that will attract you at first. You will also love its design and come to know that it is quite fresh and latest. Now you will have a beautiful device that is not even part of Apple but still comes with a curved display. The back portion is made up of glass that looks excitingly stylish. Moreover, the phone is available in a variety of color options each with a unique appearance.  


On the backside of the phone, you will see that the rectangular-shaped camera bar has acquired a different feature as compared to the iPhone watch. It shows cameras at the corner, so this width that extends throughout the back shows that this question is covering the cameras. we can see this design from the to aspects on one side it seems unique and stylish however people are not custom to this type of styling and they may not like the presence of this with many people also share their reviews and show that it seems a bit strange but very soon people will become accustomed to these metal slabs and glass structure as well as the extension of the width at the camera region.  



If we discuss the overall beauty of the design, we become impressed because it has a great and solid build quality. The best part is that the phone is lighter in weight and much narrower than iPhone 13 Pro Max. The display is also comparable to an iPhone. However, the users were confident with the overall experience. When you will notice the design carefully, you will come to know that there is a curve at the back.


This curve basically plays a vital role in giving you a grip while holding this phone. Remember that this phone has other unique features like the presence of glass back that make it even more comfortable and convenient to use as compared to Apple’s latest search phone.  


Whenever we observe the display of a particular phone, the most important thing that we consider is colour saturation and colour accuracy. Fortunately, the phone has successfully passed our testing for colour saturation and accuracy. However, we are not quite satisfied with the brightness but it does have the potential to keep you active on the phone while saving the battery. As we have already discussed, this phone has come up with the 120 hertz which means that it has the potential to save the battery.  


 If we compare the display features of pixel 6 Pro, iPhone 13 Max, and Galaxy S22 ULTRA, we come to know that the S22 has the highest peak of brightness which may be uncomfortable at times. So when we compare Google Pixel 6 Pro to the Samsung devices or the Apple phone devices, it is quite a great comparison. Even the comparison with the iPhone 13 Pro Max gives it a lead. Although colour saturation is quite similar to Apple iPhone, Pixel 6 Pro is better in providing a better Delta-E colour accuracy score.


As we have discussed, one thing that keeps it a bit behind other phones is its brightness. The brightness can be a bit piercing at times. Moreover, when you want to use the phone outside in the sunlight, it may not seem as bright and clear as compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max which provides better results in the scorching sunlight.  



Overall the display of the phone is quite good and you do not have to struggle much when you are outdoors. The problems were present with the previous pixel phones but now Google has tried its best to solve the problem and make it quite comparable to the iPhone 13 Max in the display performance.  

Due to this reason, people are quite satisfied with the display features and consider it best for bringing outside, playing games, and enjoying movies and videos. You can also observe the best experience with the Google Pixel 6 Pro if you are a habitual user of YouTube or have to take your phone outside on a daily basis. In fact, the phone has come up with the best display options that have been observed. The phone also comes up with various optimized gaming options that give you a better screen experience. By making use of game dashboard features, you can also maintain the battery usage and keep on enjoying the graphical output for longer.  


Now that we have discussed the design and display features, the next thing that you may want to know is the performance of the pixel 6 Pro. The interesting part is that the phone has come up with the Tensor which is a Google silicon’s first-generation chip. It has given prominence to the phone as it has come up with AI technology that will help you in proceeding with a multitude of tasks efficiently and in an automated manner. Some of the exclusive features include helping you with speech recognition, translation, and proceeding with computational photography.


Moreover, it also has live translation and life transcript features that have the potential to leave you surprised. So the great display and quality of this phone and its combination with machine learning have made it quite a highly rated and preferred choice of the people who were excited to use it and wanted to see how it makes everything excellent.  



However, if we compare the performance of this Google silicon chip with Apple’s A 15 Bionic, we come to know that it is a bit behind Apple. The people who have utilized both say that it will be of soon comparable to the Google Pixel 6 Pro and will definitely come up with more advanced versions.  

 To see the performance and functionality of the dancer we used it for the transversion of a 4K video to 1080p the observed that it did it faster than the Galaxy s21 Ultra phone however the performance was comparably less than considerably less than the iPhone 13 pro max but we can say that when it comes to Android phones that Google pixel 6 pros at the top however it performance can we improved in the years to come as compared to the Apple phones. With time we will observe the improvement in its performance. It has the plan to keep up with the A 15 bionic in the future.  


 Now when you observe the performance of 5G internet on the pixel 6 Pro you will know that it is white faster than the old Samsung 5123 modem. more the performance was also considered the greater than the Galaxy AS 20 and the iPhone 12 models which means that the efficiency of this phone is larger and you can expect better experience if you want to move up from the Samsung phone or previous iPhone models however as the performance of 5G is quite faster that gives pixel 6 Pro fast driving in the battery.  

The great good news for the Pixel 6 Pro lovers is that the phone can now work with the C band 5G network. It means that you will be able to observe faster internet speed than ever and be able to use this phone for longer.  


Although the battery of the Google Pixel 6 Pro charges instantly, it is not that lasting. But remember that this phone carries the biggest battery with a huge 5000 mAh. However, it is not important to compare the batteries of the iPhone and Android phones the most important thing is to check the battery life. We have conducted various tests for evaluation of the battery life.

We came to know that when the Pixel 6 phone was set to the maximum brightness and continuously reloaded while turning the internet connection on, the battery only lasted for 7 hours 49 minutes. So the pixel 6 pro has considerably less time as compared to iPhone 13. The battery time may confuse you at first as it is considerably less than similar phones but remember that the battery will perform every function quite fastly and you will see better performance than the older 5G modem.  

Google Pixel 6 Pro Versus Samsung S22 Ultra

  • circleSize: 128GB-256GB

  • circleBattery: 5100 mAh

  • circleCamera: 50MP

  • circleSoftware: Android

Samsung S22 Ultra
  • circleSize: 128GB -1TB

  • circleBattery: 5,000 mAh

  • circleCamera: 12 MP

  • circleSoftware: Android

Google Pixel 6 Pro versus iPhone 13 Pro

  • circleSize: 128GB-256GB

  • circleBattery: 5100 mAh

  • circleCamera: 50MP

  • circleSoftware: Android

  • circleSize: 128GB-1TB

  • circleBattery: 5,000 mAh

  • circleCamera: 12 MP

  • circleSoftware: iOS


Till now we have discussed a lot about Google pixel 6 Pro but now we need to define the pixels; the cameras. As we have discussed, this phone has come integrated with computational photography, it has the potential to be at the top of the best camera phones. To make this phone the number one preferred choice of the photographers and video makers, Google has introduced various upgrades including the introduction of the new and the latest hardware that can support the quality software algorithms and also cope with the Tensor strengths.  


Till now we can observe that the sensor of this phone is 15 megapixels which means that it is quite powerful. The camera is ultra-wide and gives you a very vast field of view. We can say that you should proceed with Google pixel 6 Pro if you want to enjoy a 20x digital zone that is combined with AI power technology. In this way, you will be able to get the finest images. If you observe various features of the camera individually, we come to know that the Tensor chip has provided it with great functionality. For example, the camera comes with the Magic Eraser which seems like a super video and photo editing tool. However, the simplicity of the tool makes it accessible to everyone. By using just one option, you can effectively remove all types of unwanted items.  


We know that previously it was quite difficult to remove the unwanted items such as removal of background or any other item that needs to be eliminated from the photo or video. But now the pixel 6 pro has made it super easy and convenient with the help of Magic Eraser. 

The best part is that Google itself has claimed that this eraser will work best on beaches and parks which means that you can adore photos with the beautiful scenery and background by removing the previous one and adding the new ones. This feature has helped the pixel 6 Pro get stacks and piles of likes and appreciation. People are so interested in using this feature that it has made it a king of the best camera phones.  



When we compare photos taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Google pixel 6 Pro, we come to know that the pictures that are taken with the help of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are more saturated. However, if you want to see the functionality of the Pixel 6 Pro image, you will be convinced that it shows quite clear results. Remember that the field of view of the pixel 6 is quite wide as compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It means that you can capture more of the landscape which is particularly helpful while you are out at the beach and want to take a wider view of the scenery.  


On the other hand, if you want to bring a picture close to the focus, you can use an iPhone X that gives more focus to the face and other tiny objects in the images. So it totally depends on how you want to use this phone. If you are a kind of photographer who loves photographing natural objects or water fields, you can proceed with pixel 6 Pro.  


As we have seen that the Pixel phone is available anywhere around £859, it is up to you to make an investment in this phone and enjoy its exclusive features. However, if you want to use a phone with great battery life, you should not make use of the option. However, remember that it comes with plenty of features. By spending some extra dollars you can also become eligible for Pixel Pass which will help you get various features like YouTube premium and One Cloud premium.  


Model not listed?


Now everything about Google Pixel 6 Pro is in front of you. It is up to you to decide whether or not to purchase this phone. We bet that you will never regret spending some money on this phone as it has very great features like compatibility with machine learning technology, fast performance, and long-lasting hardware and software.  

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