Apple iPhone 14 Pro Review

About the iPhone 14 Pro


The Pro series has reached a stage where there isn’t much room for advancement. This year’s models represent the pinnacle of iteration: sharper cameras, brighter displays, a new design element, and more powerful electronics. The iPhone 14 Pro is the closest thing to a flawless phone that we’ve ever seen in my profession. Nothing else even comes close.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max certainly represents the pinnacle of everything in the current iPhone lineup. It has the greatest design, the largest screen, the best cameras, and the most intelligent display. You’ll have to pay for all of it, but if you’re set on getting an iPhone and want the ultimate smartphone, this is undoubtedly the mobile for you. If you don’t mind a little smaller display and prefer to carry less weight, we recommend the more compact 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro instead.

iPhone 14 Pro: Pros and Cons


  • circle
    Superb 48MP camera
  • circle
    Dynamic Island is clever and innovative
  • circle
    Always On Display is more useful than Android versions
  • circle
    Triple-Lens Rear Camera
  • circle
    A16 Bionic chip is blazing fast


  • circle
    No Sim Card Slot
  • circle
    Battery life drops dramatically if you push the screen brightness
  • circle
    Telephoto camera is only good in bright light
  • circle
    Reused physical design, again
  • circle
    no USB-C

No recent phone release better shows the marriage of hardware and software than Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The new Pro series marks a significant step ahead on an otherwise slight upgrade, including Apple’s magnificent Dynamic Island—a dynamic software feature that reinterprets how we engage with alerts and phone events—a new CPU, and a 48-megapixel front camera.


If you spotted the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max laying on the table, you may mistake it for the iPhone 13 Pro. That’s how close the designs are. The iPhone 14 Pro has the same steep design as its forerunner, as well as a shining stainless-steel antenna band.


All four iPhones released this year have excellent build quality. Externally, there are just two distinctions. First, there is no indication of where the SIM card tray used to be. Also, in addition to keeping over silver and gold from the previous Pro phones, this year’s Pro phones add Space Black and Purple Haze, a dark yet appealing hue that can appear gray in some light but glistens in others.


When you turn the phone on, it’s clear that this is a new phone. Rather than the former notch, a tiny pill-shaped cut—not quite large enough to be called a notch, but certainly not as intrusive as it was—provides room for the front camera lenses.



While the iPhone 14 Pro series seems identical to previous year’s versions, the dimensions are somewhat changed and necessitate the purchase of a new cover. However, the variations are so few that you’d never notice them when holding the handsets. Even with the bigger Max, the sensation in your palm remains manageable, comparable to last year’s versions.


The latest iPhones boast brighter screens and slimmer bezels. The new display is much brighter—up to 2,000 nits of ambient peak brightness—so you can see your screen even under the California sun. In addition, the screen features a greater intensity for HDR content.


Apple also upgraded its ProMotion dynamic display, which debuted with the iPhone 13 Pro. The ProMotion adjustable refresh rates now range from 1Hz to 120Hz, providing smooth but energy-saving performance. Going a step further, Apple was able to offer its first always-on display by reaching the ultra-low, battery-saving 1Hz refresh rate.


The inclusion of an always-on display is a significant improvement. No more tapping the phone to see the time. It, along with alerts and other modifications, is always displayed. All of this is displayed in a consistent yet subdued manner, resulting in a stunning always-on display in regular use.


The new lock screen, which is available on all iPhones running iOS 16, is all about customization and is just one of the notable software updates. Add widgets, select favourite photographs, alter the colour of the clock numbers, and more. If you select a focus mode, you can deactivate notifications. Adding new lock screens and switching between them is as easy as changing the faces on the Apple Watch. Although Apple was late to the personalization game, its execution was intriguing.




More notable is the addition of Dynamic Island, which is only accessible on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Dynamic Island skillfully conceals the capsule-shaped cut that houses the front cameras. Dynamic Island shows alerts and app interactions more fluidly and helpfully than standard notifications.


The A16 Bionic CPU is new to the iPhone 14 Pro, as opposed to the A15 Bionic chip, which was first seen in the iPhone 13 Pro. Everything you’re doing, the A16 is lightning quick, and it contributes to everything that helps the iPhone14 Pro and Pro Max stand out, from seamless video and gameplay to the always-on screen, from stunning photos to the eye-catching Dynamic Island. Benchmarks consistently place Apple’s iPhone processors ahead of competitors, and this new CPU is significant enough to maintain that trend.


Battery life is excellent on both versions, however, it is unsurprisingly longer on the bigger Pro Max, which has a larger battery. In everyday usage, Apple boasts that the iPhone Pro Max has nearly the same battery life as the iPhone 14 Plus (yet to be announced), which has the greatest battery life in an iPhone. Nonetheless, both are more than adequate for a full day.

iPhone 14 Pro Versus iPhone 13 Pro

  • circleSize: 128GB -1TB

  • circleBattery: 3200 mAh

  • circleCamera: 48MP

  • circleSoftware: iOS

  • circleSize: 128GB -1TB

  • circleBattery: 3,095 mAh

  • circleCamera: 12MP

  • circleSoftware: iOS

iPhone 14 Pro Versus Samsung S22 Ultra

  • circleSize: 128GB -1TB

  • circleBattery: 3200 mAh

  • circleCamera: 48MP

  • circleSoftware: iOS

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • circleSize: 128GB -1TB

  • circleBattery: 5,000 mAh

  • circleCamera: 12 MP

  • circleSoftware: Android

iPhone 14 Pro Versus Google Pixel 6 Pro

  • circleSize: 128GB-1TB

  • circleBattery: 3200 mAh

  • circleCamera: 48MP

  • circleSoftware: iOS

  • circleSize: 128GB-256GB

  • circleBattery: 4614 mAh

  • circleCamera: 50 MP

  • circleSoftware: Android 12


The wide camera on the iPhone 14 Pro receives the most significant boost, increasing from 12 to 48 megapixels. The sensor on the camera is 65% larger than the one on the iPhone 13 Pro.


The iPhone 14 Pro, like other smartphone cameras, uses pixel binning, in which neighbouring pixel sites act as one. The iPhone Pro 14 combines four pixels to optimize sensitivity in low light, resulting in 12-megapixel photographs with improved clarity and less photo noise.


The cameras here are exceptional, easily handling low-light scenarios and ultimately winning in brighter circumstances. The cameras handled it nicely and produced excellent shots, in my opinion.


The iPhone 14 Pro, as of last year, starts at £1,099.00 for the 128GB variant. The 256GB model costs £1,209.00, the 512GB model costs £1,429.00, and the 1TB model costs £1,649.00. With all of the video features, you might desire the extra capacity – the ProRes video maximum of 1080p for the 128GB version remains. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is available for presale on September 9 and will be released on September 16. It costs $1,099 / £1,199 / AU$1,899 for the 128GB variant, but it can be upgraded to 1TB of storage.


Model not listed?


Apart from the magnificent Dynamic Island and always-on screen characteristics, the new iPhone 14 Pro series phones appear and perform similarly to last year’s versions. The cameras are a significant improvement, putting Apple—once again—ahead in terms of excellent photography.


While they are not inexpensive phones, they are still a good purchase for the features and capabilities they provide.

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