iPhone 14 Rumours

The iPhone 14 is still a few months away from hitting the market but that’s not keeping it from making headlines. The phone is expected to make its appearance in the market at an event to be held in September 2022.

We’ve been hearing multiple iPhone 14 rumourseven before the launch of iPhone 13. In this roundup, we have all the latest iPhone 14 details for you based on the latest rumours and leaks.


So, if you want to scratch your itch for the latest iPhone 14 updates, read on!

No More Notch Design for Face ID Hardware

An expected change in the iPhone 14 is the absence of the top-notch for Face ID components. Since 2017, iPhones have featured a standard top-notch design for Face ID hardware. The design change will optimize the phone’s design.To house the Face ID components at one place, Apple is all set to feature a punch-hole camera with a pill-shaped cut out and a circular cut out. The Face ID dot projector will rest safely in the circular cut out and the pill-shaped cut out will house the Face ID infrared camera and the front camera.To further cut down the size of the cut outs, some of the components of Face ID might be incorporated under the phone’s display. However, this design feature will only be limited to the iPhone 14 Pro models.


With the advent of iPhone 14, the company has decided to bid adieu to its 5.7-inch mini and go ahead with the bigger screen sizes. You can expect to see a 6.1-inch screen on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro and a 6.7-inch screen on the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

If the iPhone 14 rumours have any truth, fans will also be able to get their hands on an impeccable purple colour that will change its tone as per the lighting conditions for the phone.

The expected colour range for the standard models of the phone is – black, purple, white, blue, and red. However, the Pro models will be available in gold, graphite, purple, and silver. Talking about the design, we don’t expect to see much changes other than the above-stated minor camera bumps.


For the iPhone 14 Pro models, there’s a huge possibility that the phone will feature a titanium frame, microphone grilles, and a new speaker design. Furthermore, to optimize heat sync and to protect the chipset from overheating, the makers have also decided to introduce a brand new Vapor chamber thermal system in the device.

The Vapor chamber thermal system will help keep the device cool under high stress conditions and account for improved computing power and 5G connectivity of the device

iPhone 13 Pro Max

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A major reason why people are drawn towards the iPhone is its unbeatable camera. The iPhone 14 is no exception and you must tighten your seat belts to see some new camera improvements in the model.

Major improvements are expected to be seen in the Ultra Wide camera lens and the company has also hinted at the possible introduction of a ‘periscope zoom’ lens. The iPhone 14 Pro models will also be featuring 48 MP cameras with a capability to record 8k videos.


With the help of a process called pixel-binning, the iPhone 14 Pro models will also be able to click 12MP shots. This process takes data packets from multiple pixels on the image and merges them into a single super-pixel leading to better low-light sensitivity. Therefore, when the lighting conditions around you are poor, the camera will switch to the 12MP mode and click full 48MP shots under good lighting conditions. Apart from this, the 8K video recording will also account for a better user experience while watching the videos.


The upcoming Apple smartphone will also have an upgraded front camera lens that will feature an autofocus ability and a bigger f/1.9 aperture. This would help more light to pass through the camera lens and thereby click sharper images.


A16 Chip

The iPhone 14 rumours doing rounds in the market currently state that the standard model of the phone will feature the same A15 chipset as its predecessor. However, the Pro models will be upgraded to an A16 chipset. The upgraded chipset in the Pro models is a revolutionary move by Apple to tackle its supply issues and cut down expenses.


That said, the scope of improvement in the A16 chipset is quite limited because it is built using the same N5P processor as the A15 chipset. Apple has also decided to bedazzle its customers by introducing the world’s fastest 10-gigabit 5G modem in the Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 chip.

With the introduction of satellite-based emergency features in the phone, you’ll also be able to send text messages in emergency situations even with zero cellular network.


The latest iPhone 14 rumours have hinted to a few new features as listed below:


  • The company is working on the car crash detection feature for their upcoming models. The feature will be able to detect a car accident whenever it occurs by gauging the rise in gravitational force through the accelerometer.


  • Apple could increase the storage tier to 2TB in the upcoming models.


  • Another rumour doing rounds is that the iPhone 14 may launch in the market without a physical SIM slot as the company is planning to transition to an eSIM-only design.
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August 9, 2022
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